Roto-fab Texture Black Cold Air Intake Chevy Ss Sedan

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Roto-fab's 2014-15 Chevrolet SS Sedan CAI will add horsepower and give your car an awesome sound. Not for Camaro SS!! Like other intake systems, this unit installs with basic tools, requires absolutely no modifications to your car and performs well with the stock vehicle calibration. Driveability is excellent and sound is throaty under aggressive acceleration while very comparable to stock under normal cruising conditions. The Roto-fab CAI picks up 11 RWHP over the stock system in hood closed dyno testing. Before we go any further, we want to share some of the design features and benefits. As you may know, Roto-fab does all of designing, tooling, molding and metal fabrication in-house. This gives us the unique benefits of choosing what we feel are the best materials and processes for each component. The SS proved to be very challenging in terms of keeping air intake temps as low as possible. The Roto-fab Pontiac G8 GT intake performs great and is extremely popular; therefore, we didnt want to stray too much from the basic design for the Chevorlet SS Sedan. However, the hood strut and hood liner design made it nearly impossible to effectively seal to the hood. On both the G8 and SS, its crucial to isolate engine compartment air from the filter. With our G8 system, intake temps jumped over 20F simply by pulling the hood latch which creates a small gap between the hood seal of our box and the hood liner! For these reasons, Roto-fab elected to use an enclosed box with the air entry located lower and on the outboard side of the frame. In addition to the air box assembly itself, Roto-fab supplies a polymer heat shield which mates up to the air box. The shield rests on the frame rail, extends forward to the core support and rearward to the fender. As you can see in the pictures, the air box and heat shield combine to form an effective barrier against hot radiator air reaching the filter.

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